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Social Media - for business as well as leisure!

Mesmerized this morning by an infinite blue sky along with a good dose of much needed (well, in these parts anyway!) sunshine, my thoughts slowly turned to autumn. Feeling the chill in the wind I began to ruminate on the behaviour of animals and how seasonal changes affect social behaviour. Living in a rural area it’s not uncommon to see a variety of animals scampering from the hedgerows and sprinting across the paths of oncoming vehicles, dicing with death (sometimes successfully, sometimes sadly not!). It never ceases to amaze me that, even in the midst of winter, clusters of baby rabbits still venture out in search of food, social interaction and companionship.

Humans are no different in many respects seeking solace, comfort and contact with fellow human beings. When winter beckons we may close the curtains and draw the blinds, retiring to our sofas unwilling or unable to face the cold weather or dark nights, but we still feel the urge to keep in touch. We use a variety of social media to ensure that friendships and relationships don’t lie dormant even when we can’t make face to face contact. Indeed, keeping a presence alive on social media has pretty much become the pastime of the nation and second nature to most people. Keeping people informed of what you’re up to, tagging them in on events to go to, recommending places you’ve been to – we all do it without a second thought, but when it comes to your business are you as proactive on social media?

Probably not! And the reasons for this are varied. The time factor is an obvious one – most people are too busy dealing with the day to day minutiae of running their business to concentrate on posting on social media whereas others are unsure of what or when to post or even why they need to bother posting in the first place.

Social media is good for you because it generates interest for both current and potential clients. It’s a way of creating a buzz when promoting a new product or business element or it can be a simple way to remind people that you are there for them should they require your services. Posting content which is interesting, perhaps fun, yet relevant to your product enhances your business appeal as well as having a positive impact on your SEO. Small businesses need to be found! Provide good content and it will be shared again and again and the path will (hopefully) lead back to you.

If you have neither the time nor the inclination to concentrate on social media for your business, a Virtual Assistant can do this for you at very little cost. We can research and write content and post for you on a scheduled basis. You can sit back and know that your social media presence is in capable hands. Have a look at our social media packages and see which is the right one for your business.